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Cumin Seeds, Jeera
Cumin Seeds, Jeera
Cumin Seeds, Jeera
Cumin Seeds, Jeera

Cumin Seeds, Jeera

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Cumin seeds are highly nutritious and contain antioxidants that help to reduce inflammation in the body 3. They are also believed to aid digestion, boost the immune system, and improve blood sugar control.

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Cumin is available as both whole seeds and ground powder and both are used in recipes. Whole cumin, for example, is featured in Indian dishes, where the whole seeds are added to hot oil at the start of the dish so the flavor infuses the oil and therefore the rest of the ingredients. More flavor is brought out when the seed is lightly roasted, which is done easily using a dry pan over medium heat.

Cumin is a spice made from the seeds of the Cuminum cyminum plant. Many dishes use cumin, especially foods from its native regions of the Mediterranean and Southwest Asia. Cumin lends its distinctive flavor to chili, tamales and various Indian curries. Its flavor has been described as earthy, nutty, spicy and warm. What’s more, cumin has long been used in traditional medicine. Modern studies have confirmed some of the health benefits cumin is traditionally known for, including promoting digestion and reducing food-borne infections. Research has also revealed some new benefits, such as promoting weight loss and improving blood sugar control and cholesterol.

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